Outsourcing FAQs

Are you looking to outsource your work to a data entry service provider but have doubts about how to do it? Here are few frequently asked questions asked by our customers, which may help you clear some of your doubts:

  1. For how long has CapStone BPO been in the data entry services domain?

    We have an experience of more than 13 years, and have been serving customers around the globe.

  2. Does CapStone BPO provide a free trial?

    Yes, we do offer a free trial of our data entry services. After you are satisfied with the quality of our services, you can sign the contract with us.

  3. Does CapStone BPO have the infrastructure and technology to provide data entry services?

    Our team at CapStone BPO is equipped with cutting edge technology and world class infrastructure to handle any kind of data entry requirement.

  4. How do you ensure that my data is completely secure?

    We follow a streamlined procedure to take care that none of your documents or confidential data is published, disclosed, distributed, or sold. Additionally, we make our employees sign a Non-disclosure agreement during the hiring process to ensure that your data is completely secure with us.

  5. How do you ensure the quality of your data entry services?

    We follow strict quality assurance processes to make sure that we deliver high quality data entry services to our customers.

  6. How can I send my files to CapStone BPO?

    To send your files to us, you can use one of the following methods:

    • Upload files on to a FTP server
    • Access files using a remote log in
    • Access files from a web-based application
    • Send the files as an e-mail attachment
    • Ship or courier your files to us
  7. Do you use any kind of software?

    There is no specific software used for data entry management. We use applications such as PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

  8. What are your work timings?

    We are available from 7.30 PM EST on Monday to 3.30 PM EST on Saturday. If the project demands, we are even available on weekends.

  9. How long does it take to complete a project?

    We provide a quick response for our data entry service, and guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours in most cases. However, the project turnaround time will also depend on the volume of work, project complexity, and urgency.

    Read more about our data entry turnaround time.

  10. How is the pricing for data entry services gauged?

    We provide a very competitive pricing structure for our data entry services. The prices start at as low as $6/hour and we also provide FTE options. These may vary depending on the skills required for the project.

    Read more about our pricing structure.

  11. Why should I opt for CapStone BPO for data entry outsourcing?

    Partnering with CapStone BPO comes with following benefits:

    • Data security and confidentiality
    • Strict quality assurance process
    • Accurate services
    • Trained and experienced data entry professionals
    • Free trial service
    • Quick turnaround time at competitive prices