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Powering AI & Machine Learning: Cost-effective data annotation for high-quality datasets.

AI and Machine Learning: Data is King: The key to unlocking powerful AI algorithms lies in the quality and consistency of the data they’re trained on. But acquiring and annotating this data can be a roadblock.

CapStone BPO: Your Data Annotation Partner: That’s where CapStone BPO steps in. As a leading data annotation company, we have the experience and workforce to tackle your toughest challenges. Our skilled annotators meticulously craft high-quality training data from any source, be it text, images, videos, even complex 3D LIDAR point clouds. Structured or unstructured, we handle it all.

Speed and Accuracy: The Winning Combination: We leverage cutting-edge annotation tools like YOLO, SSD, and RetinaNet to streamline the process, ensuring both speed and precision. Our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from basic text categorization to advanced tasks like semantic annotation, 3D point cloud annotation, and named entity recognition. This allows us to tailor solutions to your specific industry needs.

Scalability Meets Affordability: No matter the size of your project, our highly scalable workforce ensures cost-effective data annotation. We handle even the most voluminous datasets efficiently, keeping your project within budget.

Ready to unlock the power of AI?: Partner with CapStone BPO and let us handle the data, so you can focus on building groundbreaking AI applications.

Data Annotation & Labeling Services

Data Annotation Solutions

Computer Vision

Don’t just see, understand. Enhance your computer vision with accurate annotations, driving actionable insights for industrial optimization. Unlock the power of computer vision. Our annotation services make visual data insightful, optimizing industrial processes.

NLP Solutions

Make sense of your text data. NLP annotation empowers sentiment analysis, automates customer support, and categorizes content – fueling strategic decisions.

Supercharge Your AI with High-Quality Data Labeling

Scalable Solutions

Never outgrow your data needs. We offer scalable solutions, seamlessly adjusting our team and technology to handle any volume or project type.

Quality Deliverables

Trustworthy data, every time. Our robust quality checks ensure 99.5% accuracy for your machine learning models.

Data Security

Data Security You Can Trust: We are committed to protecting your information with comprehensive security protocols.

24/7 Service

Follows the Sun Support: Our globally distributed team ensures around-the-clock availability for our international clients.

Industries and Verticals Expertise


Medical Data Annotation

In healthcare, data annotation translates medical records, images, and more into a format machines can understand for AI-powered analysis.


Supercharge your financial AI with precision.

AI-Powered Finance. Build smarter financial models with secure data annotation. Predict outcomes, personalize recommendations, and safeguard your data.

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Unlock the full potential of autonomous vehicles.

Revolutionize in-vehicle AI. We provide training data for self-driving cars, improve speech recognition, and optimize navigation through high-fidelity field testing.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

The secret weapon of e-commerce AI: Data annotation. It personalizes recommendations, streamlines searches, and fuels a winning customer experience.


Smart Approach to Data Annotation for Integrating AI in Agriculture

Revolutionize your farm with AI. Our data annotation empowers advanced crop analysis, leading to optimized yields, improved quality, and automated insights.

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Annotate location data to power AI and ML models

Precision for your location-based AI. We offer custom geospatial data annotation to supercharge your AI and ML applications.

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Annotation Tools: We Speak Their Language

We have experts with many Industry standards Annotation Tools including but not limited to…

We understand the critical role accurate data labeling plays in training AI models and generating actionable insights. With expertise in data labeling methodologies and a commitment to quality, we offer comprehensive data labeling services tailored to your project needs.

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    • Mark objects/features in image/video using selected tool.
    • Review annotations for accuracy.
    • Save annotated data for integration.
    • Incorporate data into ML pipeline for accuracy.