Video Annotation Services

Enhance AI and ML models with precise video data labeling

  • Accurate Object Detection and Tracking
  • Advanced Action and Facial Recognition
  • Efficient Bounding Boxes and Key Point Annotation
  • Detailed Video Segmentation with Frames Classification

Unlock the Power of Precision: Expert Video Annotation for Superior AI

Frame-by-frame precision for robust computer vision models. Turn your video data into reliable AI training fuel.

Unleash the Power of Video Data for Your AI: As a leading video annotation company, we empower your AI and machine learning models with unparalleled accuracy and scalable solutions. Our team of specialists tackles all your annotation needs, from bounding boxes and keypoints to intricate polygon and polyline tasks.

Built for Speed and Precision: We understand the importance of detailed video annotation for rapid AI deployment. Our state-of-the-art services address core training needs like object detection, action recognition, and facial recognition. Our deep understanding of video segmentation and analytics ensures precise details are fed into your computer vision models.

Quality You Can Trust: We leverage cutting-edge tools and robust processes to maintain unwavering focus on quality, compliance, and confidentiality during every step of video annotation for your AI projects.

Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your video data.


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Team you can trust

We have 49+ Image, Video and Text Annotation experts. Our team is capable of a high quality and 99% annotation accuracy.

Power Up Your AI: Expert Video Annotation Services


See the unseen: Get precise object identification, labeling, and tracking in your videos for advanced AI.


Train AI to see actions, not just objects: Get video annotation for dynamic movements and behavior prediction.


Empowering Security & Personalization: Advanced Image Analysis of Faces, Expressions, and Gestures.


See objects instantly: Leverage bounding boxes for efficient object identification and categorization in any environment.


Frame-by-frame analysis: We segment video data into ‘good,’ ‘degraded,’ ‘bad,’ or ‘no data’ for comprehensive content understanding.


Taming the unruly: We precisely annotate irregular shapes for AI to recognize beyond simple geometries.


Empower your AI with deeper video understanding: Precise annotation unlocks object tracking, pose estimation, and pattern recognition capabilities.


Unlock the power of 3D in video: We use 3D cuboid annotation to help AI models understand object size and location, enabling accurate spatial analysis.

Transforming Your Videos: A Look Inside Our Annotation Process

Data Collection

Building Your Foundation: Sourcing Targeted Video Data

Data Annotation

Empowering AI through Expertise: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Video Labeling and Organization.

Quality Assurance

Maximizing ROI: Delivering Clean, Reliable Data Through Meticulous Quality Checks.

Data Security

Focus on Innovation, We Handle Security: Stringent Measures Ensure Video Data Privacy and Integrity.

Integration and Deployment

Effortless AI Enablement: Frictionless Integration Makes the Most of Your Annotated Data.

Video Annotation Solutions

Computer Vision

Computer vision solutions interpret images and videos, enabling automated object detection and analysis. Employ annotation services that transform visual data into actionable insights and optimize industrial operations.

NLP Solutions

NLP annotation solutions understand, process, and generate sentiment analysis. They also power customer support automation and content categorization in textual data for strategic decision-making.

Supercharge Your AI with High-Quality Data Labeling

Scalable Solutions

Never outgrow your data needs. We offer scalable solutions, seamlessly adjusting our team and technology to handle any volume or project type.

Quality Deliverables

Trustworthy data, every time. Our robust quality checks ensure 99.5% accuracy for your machine learning models.

Data Security

Data Security You Can Trust: We are committed to protecting your information with comprehensive security protocols.

24/7 Service

Follows the Sun Support: Our globally distributed team ensures around-the-clock availability for our international clients.

Industries and Verticals Expertise


Medical Data Annotation

In healthcare, data annotation translates medical records, images, and more into a format machines can understand for AI-powered analysis.


Supercharge your financial AI with precision.

AI-Powered Finance. Build smarter financial models with secure data annotation. Predict outcomes, personalize recommendations, and safeguard your data.

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Unlock the full potential of autonomous vehicles.

Revolutionize in-vehicle AI. We provide training data for self-driving cars, improve speech recognition, and optimize navigation through high-fidelity field testing.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

The secret weapon of e-commerce AI: Data annotation. It personalizes recommendations, streamlines searches, and fuels a winning customer experience.


Smart Approach to Data Annotation for Integrating AI in Agriculture

Revolutionize your farm with AI. Our data annotation empowers advanced crop analysis, leading to optimized yields, improved quality, and automated insights.

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Annotate location data to power AI and ML models

Precision for your location-based AI. We offer custom geospatial data annotation to supercharge your AI and ML applications.

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FAQs for Video Annotation

What is video annotation?

Video annotation is the process of adding labels and descriptions to video footage. This can involve things like:

  • Object identification: Labeling objects within each frame (e.g., car, person, traffic light)
  • Object tracking: Following the movement of objects across frames
  • Activity recognition: Categorizing the actions happening in the video (e.g., walking, talking, falling)
  • Semantic segmentation: Assigning labels to each pixel in a frame, specifying the content it represents (e.g., road, sky, sidewalk)
Why is video annotation important?

Video annotation is crucial for training machine learning models to understand and interpret video data. By providing labeled data, you essentially “teach” the model what things in the video represent and how to differentiate between them. This is essential for many AI applications, such as:

  • Self-driving cars: Recognizing objects like pedestrians, vehicles, and traffic signals.
  • Facial recognition: Identifying people in videos for security or surveillance purposes.
  • Video analytics: Analyzing video footage to understand customer behavior in stores, detect anomalies in security systems, or track objects in sports games.
  • Medical image analysis: Assisting doctors in analyzing medical videos like X-rays or MRIs.
What are the different types of video annotation?

There are several types of video annotation, depending on the specific needs of the project:

  • Bounding boxes: Drawing boxes around objects in each frame.
  • Landmark annotation: Labeling specific points on objects (e.g., eyes on a face).
  • Polyline annotation: Drawing lines to track the movement of objects.
  • Semantic segmentation: Assigning labels to each pixel in a frame.
  • 3D cuboid annotation: Labeling objects in 3D space.
How is video annotation done?

Video annotation can be done manually by human annotators, using specialized software to label and categorize the video data. In some cases, automated tools can be used to assist with the process, but human expertise is usually required for high-quality and complex annotation tasks.

What are the benefits of using a video annotation service?

Using a professional video annotation service offers several benefits:

  • Expertise: They have experienced annotators familiar with different types of video data and annotation techniques.
  • Scalability: They can handle large video datasets efficiently.
  • Quality control: They have established processes to ensure the accuracy and consistency of annotations.
  • Security: They have robust security measures to protect your data.
How much does video annotation cost?
  • The cost of video annotation can vary depending on several factors, such as:
  • The complexity of the annotation task (e.g., bounding boxes vs. semantic segmentation)
  • The length and quality of the video footage
  • The turnaround time required
  • The volume of data
Do you have experience with my specific industry or domain (e.g., autonomous vehicles, medical imaging)?

From self-driving cars to medical diagnostics, our video annotation expertise empowers diverse industries.

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