Data Extraction Services

An essential requirement for businesses dealing with large quantum of data stored in a complex manner in diverse formats and locations – data extraction refers to the process of quarrying information from a pool of resources, which is humanly analyzed later. Meticulously extracting, harvesting and exploiting information from diverse web sources goes a long way into making informed business decisions.

CapStone BPO offers wide-ranging data extraction services along with accurate analysis and timely reporting from a variety of sources comprising databases, documents, images, and websites, etc., tailored specifically to match your business needs. We can help you extract data from your customer databases to explore demographic characteristics and behavior of customers. We are skilled at extracting data from variegated sources and classifying them based on a defined set of criteria. We can also publish your data into different formats simultaneously.

Overall, our data extraction activities can be broadly classified into the following:

Web Data Extraction

  • Extracting data from primary and secondary web sources with regard to competitors, consumers and prospects, market trends, etc.
  • Mining meta-data information from websites
  • Assembling, organizing and encapsulating all relevant information about your business by mining online news and PR websites

Database Extraction

  • Extracting data from databases by means of database queries
  • Culling out vital data through various databases and database formats
  • Conducting competitor price tracking and data research
  • Extracting data from social networking sites, blogs and forums to recapitulate user/customer views and reviews

Process of Data Extraction at CapStone BPO

Data extraction is a time consuming process. It can lead to loads of errors, if not conducted properly. Making use of an extensive array of sources, SunTec India can extract and deliver requisite information within a short turnaround time. Our process of data extraction/ web scraping, includes:

  • Capturing raw and unstructured data from the web
  • Reviewing and filtering the obtained data sets, making it relevant
  • Formatting the data, in accordance with the client requirements
  • Arranging contact details and website URLs in an excel sheet
  • Organizing and encapsulating the information, if required

Our professionals are proficient at extracting information for organizations, market research firms or price comparison websites using subject matter blogs and market research sites. We offer a broad range of data extraction services including scraping of web/html pages, semantic/syntactic scraping, extracting data from emails, PDF files and databases, etc.

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