Data Capture offers manual and automated data capture services on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week service basis.

Data Capture Services imply a process wherein a document’s essential data is identified and captured in a form that can be handled by the computer. Manual data entry/keyboarding or automated techniques like OCR, ICR, IMR or Barcode technologies are used to achieve this end. All businesses and organizations have large quantities of data in structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms such as invoices, questionnaires, bills, directories, business cards etc. It is vital for their smooth functioning that this data be captured, organized and collated in databases for it to be easily searched and retrieved. However, the task is tedious and time consuming and ties up lots of man-power for long duration. Outsourcing data capture to specialists is profitable in every respect saving you time, money and man hours besides obviating the need to expand workplace infrastructure.

At we offer quality and cost effective Data Capture Services to help you digitize your data. Whether printed or handwritten, text or numeric, we can effortlessly capture high volumes of data from all kinds of documents. Besides, we can also help you digitize image based documents such as charts and photographs and mixed format documents. We can customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Thus, as per the demands of the project, our clients have the option of hiring either our Manual Data Capture or Automated Data Capture Services.

At our highly trained and experienced keyers provide Manual Data Capture/Data Entry/Keying Services especially designed to serve your business requirements. Manual keying services are typically required for the capture of metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. Like structured forms, the information contained in semi-structured documents is normally consistent, although its location may vary – e.g. invoices from multiple vendors may have all relevant details like vendor name and address, tax I.D. number, amount due and invoice number but these could be placed differently. The disparate location of relevant data on unstructured and semi-structured forms requires it to be captured manually. Manual data capture also serves to lower operating costs besides possessing the flexibility to take up varied and complex projects. Our intensive quality assurance program for data capture /data entry/indexing projects guarantees 99.5 percent accuracy for single entry work. We offer a number of cost-saving and 24-hour processing options for clients in need of high-volume document processing and data entry.