Invoice Data Entry Services

At CapStoneBPO we offer the most competent and cost-effective Invoice Data Entry Services to help you with the tedious task of capturing invoices’ data or processing invoices. These days, even an average sized business must handle hundreds of invoices – both paper based and electronic – on a daily basis. The great variety of invoice types makes the task of entering their data a delicate one. Even OCR tools cannot always extract invoices’ data accurately because they are ineffective on hand written text.

At we perform invoice data entry with a judicious combination of the latest technology and manual intervention. We enter data from both paper based invoices and the electronic ones transferred over the internet. Our professionals also enter data from purchase orders, vouchers, bills, credit and debit memos, etc. with equal deftness.

The advantages of making us your Invoice Data Entry Services partner:
  • Along with entering invoices’ data we will also index it in a manner in customized databases that it can be easily searched and retrieved.
  • We assure you the most immaculate service. Our professionals are the most meticulous in the industry and will capture all your invoices’ data with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • Your invoices’ data will be completely safe in our hands.
  • At we are also capable of performing remote operations over VPN connections, dedicated IP tunnels, or by carrying out remote login using Citrix.
  • We accept input files in all formats – hard copy and scanned images. Clients also have the option of providing us the source files in the form of a secure FTP download.
  • Our services are highly flexible and we provide you a wide choice of output formats. We will enter your invoices’ data into a database program or customized software application of your preference.
  • We will also, if necessary, help you process invoices to help you improve your business’s output and efficiency.