Lead Research and Mailing List Development

A well-populated mailing list provides an enormous boost to a business’s marketing efforts. It helps a business run effective marketing campaigns by dispatching news-letters and product launch related material to prospective buyers and clients and garner more business. At CapStoneBPO.com we offer cost-effective and comprehensive Lead Research and Mailing List Development Services to assist businesses attain their marketing objectives. Our professionals are meticulous, highly trained and experienced. We are versatile and can quickly adapt our services to suit your requirements.

  • We can perform mailing lists data entry from both online directories and printed directories with equal ease and accuracy.
  • Our professionals are adept in every aspect of mailing lists data entry. Depending upon what you require, we can either compile business and consumer mailing lists, or clean, standardize and enrich an existing one.
  • As a part of our Mailing Lists Data Entry Services, we also perform mailing address verification and mailing list de-duplication. Whenever necessary, we will remove obsolete records too.
  • We are flexible. Depending upon what you prefer, we can either merge or split data fields when performing mailing lists data entry. For example, we will enter the first name and last name in two fields or one. Similarly, depending on what you direct us to do, we either compress the city, state, zip code/mailing code in one field or split them over multiple ones.
  • Our Lead Research and Mailing List Development Services professionals meticulously add missing address components.
  • Our turnaround times are the best in the industry. Our professionals are adept at processing and entering great volumes of data quickly and accurately.
  • We offer the most competitive rate. When you make us your Lead Research and Mailing List Development Services partner, you make cost savings of up to 60%.
  • Our professionals perform Mailing Lists Data Entry with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • We keep your data safe and have an elaborate security apparatus in place to ensure that unauthorized people do not gain access to our clients’ data.