Yellow Pages Data Entry Services

For every business, Yellow Pages’ data is a very useful resource. It helps a business locate potential clients, services and product offerings in its immediate vicinity. Yellow Pages’ data can also serve as a very good source of sales leads. Extracting Yellow Pages’ pages data is, however, tedious and time consuming. Besides, a non-specialist is likely to make copious errors when performing the operation.

At we offer Yellow Pages Data Entry Services to help you extract the relevant Yellow Pages’ data quickly and without errors. Our professionals are the best trained in the industry and can enter and collate even the minutest Yellow Pages’ data with unwavering competence. We also offer the most competitive rates in the industry., your Yellow Pages Data Entry Services partner
  • At we offer the best quality. Our professionals will extract names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email ids from the yellow pages with a nearly one hundred per cent accuracy.
  • Our services are the most comprehensive and versatile in the industry. When entering the yellow pages’ data, our professionals expand and standardize the abbreviations, ensure that city/town/postal codes are consistent and correctly sort street types. We will also, if needed, enter yellow pages listings with rate, UDAC and heading classification assignments.
  • Our Yellow Pages Data Entry Services professionals work on both online directories and scanned/printed directories with equal dexterity. We extract online directories’ data manually. From the scanned/printed directories, on the other hand, we capture data using a combination of OCR tools and manual data entry. Depending upon their nature, we employ the technique which is more feasible.
  • We will organize and enter your Yellow Pages’ data into a format of your choice like MS Access, MS-SQL, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, .csv, .dbf, etc.
  • Our customer support services are available 24*7.