Data Management

Data Management Services: Quality data is a prerequisite to every business process, market penetration, customer relationship, business investment, and for virtually better decision making across all levels of the organization. Therefore, organizations need to invest in consolidating their master data assets and data management.

Fortified with deep industry knowledge and expertise in data management through its entire life-cycle, coupled with comprehensive service offerings and proven track record, CapStone BPO delivers business value to several of world’s leading companies, helping them competently leverage their data in key business decisions and processes.

Indexing / Scanning Services

To ease the process of document management, archiving and information retrieval, CapStone offers Indexing Services. We are experienced in indexing a variety of documents including invoices, vouchers, purchases orders, etc. CapStone BPO specializes in scanning of high volume documents with strict quality control, enabling our clients to integrate documents directly into their electronic workflows.

List Building Services

CapStone offers List Building and Data Mining Services to support the clients in building a current and effective database. We identify and extract data records from relevant data universe and key-in the information as per a prescribed format in any standard or customized database.

Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization

CapStone BPO works towards making your business processes and applications more efficient by cleaning and making your data consistent and accessible through our Data Standardization Services.

Data Abstraction Services

With our Data Abstraction Services, CapStone BPO assists you in distilling down your crucial data. Our extensive Data Abstraction Services include Research and Academic Data Abstraction, SEC Filing Abstraction Services, Lease Abstraction Services, etc.

Data Analytics Services

Through our Data Analytics Services, CapStone BPO helps businesses discover new ways to drive revenue and increase profits by converting your data into useful, perceptive and accessible information to decision-makers.