Data Processing

Outsourcing of non-core but sensitive and critical data processing functions to CapStone has reduced costs, increased profitability and delivered greater core value and operational excellence to our customers.

We help you capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources. We’re equipped with over a decade of experience in delivering outstanding data process outsourcing services to global customers at such affordable rates. Our Data Processing services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc., and includes the following:

Data DeDuplication

CapStone has been providing quality data deduplication services for over a decade now to clients around the globe. Our vast experience of having worked with different clients helps us understand different businesses and provide the required services customized as per their requirements.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing and data scrubbing services are best outsourced. It can save you a huge amount of time that you can use for other productive services. It can also help you reduce your operating costs significantly. CapStone BPO is  renowned worldwide for its data cleansing, data verification and data scrubbing services.

Forms Processing

Forms processing involves extracting information from structured or customized forms, faxes and scanned images and updating it on a range of outputs. At CapStone, we regularly process surveys, questionnaires and application forms.

Image Processing

CapStone BPO offers a comprehensive image processing solution that can be customized to meet the needs of both large and small organizations. We use sophisticated techniques like automated quality assessment to deliver best-in-class services. We can help you optimize your images to meet acceptable web standards and better promote your product offering.

Data Mining

We provide a wide range of data mining services – we perform traditional data mining, web mining for clients all over the world. We are also able to mine data from various secondary sources, such as professional websites (i.e., LinkedIn), white pages, yellow pages, company information databases, and more. If you are looking to outsource data mining, we’re the right choice for you.

Mailing List Compilation

A direct marketing campaign can only be successful if you are able to reach your target audience. Marketers often expend a lot of effort and resources on the production of the mailer itself.

However, if this communication does not reach the right people, the whole marketing exercise is a waste. This is the case even if you have a great product or service. So, the compilation of the right mailing list is a key component of any direct marketing campaign.