Keyboarding and Manual Data Entry

Data entry tasks are routine for every organization and business. It is a delicate operation which cannot be automated beyond a point. Despite the availability of sophisticated scanners and OCR tools most data still must be manually entered or captured. Human hands and eyes can still not be convincingly replaced when it comes to inputting particularly complex data or data from hand written documents. Keyboarding and manual data entry operators are thus an imperative for an overwhelming majority of data entry works.
Though seemingly simple, keyboarding and manual data entry actually requires an extremely high level of dexterity which comes only from long years of experience and training. Unless performed by trained and experienced operators keyboarding and manual data entry will very likely create a bog of inaccurately entered data. In order to preclude mistakes and sloppy work it is necessary that businesses and organizations provide their data entry operators adequate training and equip them with the best hardware and software. All of this is expensive and necessitates a significant diversion of resources. However, an able Data Keyboarding Services outsourcing partner can help you avoid all the trouble.
CapStoneBPO as your Data Entry Services Partner
At CapStoneBPO, we provide Manual Data Entry and Data Keyboarding Services by experienced personnel who can discharge any data entry operation with 99.9 % accuracy. We have fourteen years’ experience in the field which has made us extremely skilled, versatile and flexible. We have successfully accomplished numerous difficult projects for a prestigious client base spread across the world.

As a part of our Keyboarding and Manual Data Entry Services we also offer Multi-Lingual Keyboarding Services and Double Keyboarding Services. You can hire our services for tiresome and time consuming tasks like the conversion of documents in hardcopy format to softcopies, directory entry, entry from legal documents and much else. For maximum accuracy our operators use the double and triple entry techniques. 

  • Reduction in operational expenses
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • High accessibility of document formats
  • Assure consistent high-quality output
  • Accurate& swift conversion of source content.