Business Cards Data Entry Services

Business cards are crucial for any business interaction or exchange. They include important information about one’s business such as the name of business, services provided, social media, contact, and location information.

CapStone BPO has years of experience in business card data entry and specializes in providing quality data entry services for all your business card needs. Whether you need to update your current business card information or require formatting of existing data and business data information collection, our team is at your service!

Business Card Data Entry Services

Our business card data entry services cater to the requirements of all kinds of companies. At CapStone BPO, you get to choose from a wide range of services, including –

  1. Conversion of Electronic Business Cards into Client Database

    We can convert all your company’s electronic business card information into an organized format, on a client-specified database for easy accessibility. Outsource business card data entry services to CapStone BPO at affordable rates.

  2. Storing Information Online from Printed Business Cards

    Gathering information from hard copy or printed business cards to online systems can be a great way to prevent potential loss of information. Our team can collect the data, organize it, and enter it into an online system to be conveniently used later in emails, websites and internal systems.

  3. Indexing Business Cards

    Business card indexing enables arrangement of data in an extremely organized manner. Indexing involves arranging data alphabetically, sequentially, by date, location, or numerically. Irrespective of the format, our data entry professionals can index all your business card data in a systematic manner for easy usability.

  4. Business Card Format Conversion

    Whether the business card is in an excel format or word format, the experts at CapStone BPO provide customization formatting and conversion for all your business card conversion needs, without compromising on the accuracy of data.

  5. Updating and Maintaining Existing Business Card Information

    It is important to update old and outdated business cards with relevant information. Outsource your business card data entry services to CapStone BPO so that your partners, vendors, clients, and other associates are updated with the most relevant current information about your business.