Text and Numeric Data Entry Services

Our Numeric Data Entry Services, you can get your textual and numerical data structured into an easily accessible format. Our skilled experts accurately enter text and numeric data from a wide variety of sources like hard copies, soft copies, manuscripts, images, audio and video files, and more.

From charge backs, cheque requisitions, credit and debit card information, to personal, company, and email addresses, we enter a wide range of text and numeric data. Our text and numeric data entry professionals ensure timely completion of your project. They analyse the accuracy of the data entered at each stage of the data entry process to retain the credibility of the data provided.

Our Process of Entering Text and Numeric Data

Data that we receive from you is first cleaned, segregated, organized, and finally entered in a format of your choice. We leverage our combination of automated and manual processes to perform both online and offline text and numeric data entry with optimum accuracy.

Advantages at CapStone BPO
  • End-to-end Text and Numeric Data Entry and Management Services and Solutions at cost-effective rates
  • Use of advanced technologies and proven data entry processes ensuring accurate results
  • Safety and confidentiality of your data
  • Final output delivered through secure FTP Upload, or in a CD or DVD
  • Faster TAT, round the clock technical support, and free trial offered