eBay Product Listing Services

Do you have to upload products in thousands to your eBay Store within a short period of time besides managing these items in your eBay inventory? With CapStoneBPO.com, you have a skilled and well-experienced team with over a decade of experience in eBay data entry/ eBay listing and eBay inventory management. With our comprehensive eBay listing and eBay data upload services, our experts can help you create effective listings that make selling on eBay easy and profitable.
eBay Product Upload

The most crucial factor in pushing the sale from your eBay Store is creating listings that attract and engage your buyers. eBay data entry experts at CapStoneBPO.com can effectively create your listings, both manually or by creating an import stock file of your products in a CSV spreadsheet inputting your product’s title, description, adding pictures, price, and payment details in the required format as part of our eBay data upload services.

Accurate Product Categorization

Through our eBay data upload services, we help your buyers easily locate your items by placing it in the most relevant category. We research and precisely select the category that best describes your item.

  • Researching categories used for identical items, to ascertain what other sellers have used for similar items.
  • Matching your Product in the eBay Catalog for determining product details and stock photo for your listings
Listing Items With Variations on eBay

If you are selling several versions of the same product, for instance a dress in a variety of sizes or colors, our eBay product listing experts can help you list all your items in a single, multi-quantity, fixed price listing.

Our eBay multi-quantity listings save you time and money by obviating the need for creating a separate listing for individual items. It also helps you keep an easy track of the inventory for individual items while buyers have the benefit of choosing one or more from this diverse product assortment without scrolling through lengthy search results.

The most common categories in which we create variegated listings comprise clothing, shoes, and accessories, etc., using the variable like size, color, style, material, or some other variation you lay down.

Creating A Title And Description For Your Items

We realize the fact that product title and description are a solid selling opportunity to inform and excite your buyers. To grab the attention of your buyers’, we write titles and descriptions that provide a clear picture of your item and increase the discoverability of your products as well as the chances that your prospects will bid on or buy your item.

In our product descriptions we use specifics, such as:

  • Size, shape, colour, product age, manufacturing information and other notable features, etc.
  • Stating the item’s condition, e.g. new, recycled, still under warranty, etc.
  • Type of packaging and the list of included items or accessories

Besides ensuring correct grammar and spellings, we add a creative, human approach to make your descriptions as interesting and readable as possible.

Enhancing and Adding Product Images to your eBay listings

Adding pictures to your listing not only gives your buyers a more precise idea of your product but also distinguishes your listing from your competitors and helps you increase sales.

We can help you add the gallery picture, and other images in case of an upgraded listing. We can add watermark to your product photos. If required, we can also replace your images with a newly edited version.

Pricing Update for Your Item

We not only update the pricing for your items, but can also offer you support in planning your pricing strategy, and can research the ending bids for identical products as yours. We help you decide the pricing for the auction-style listings including starting price of your item, specifying a reserve price, pricing for multiple item listings, pricing for fixed price listings, etc.

eBay Bulk Listing Services

We help sellers on eBay effectively manage voluminous items and add products to the eBay catalogs using the following tools:

  • eBay Turbo Lister
  • eBay Blackthorne
  • Auctiva
  • Channel Advisor
  • Other tools