Yahoo Store Product Data Entry Services

CapStone has extensive experience working with Yahoo Stores and Yahoo Merchant Solutions. We have a dedicated team working purely on Yahoo product entry services, and have been managing more than HUNDRED websites (with Yahoo! shopping cart software installed) worldwide. We have experience working for a variety of different industries including, but not limited to clothing, lighting, sports, electronics, computers, bathroom accessories, medical equipment, and more. Read on to find out how we can help you, the small business owner keep your Yahoo! store updated and current without much hassle to you at all.

Our Yahoo data entry experts work tirelessly and are well versed with both online and offline Yahoo data entry. We provide you with around the clock service, and will also help you boost sales by providing you with search engine friendly product descriptions and vivid, high quality images to impress your customers.

Here are some of the services you can expect from our team:

Yahoo Product Data Entry

We take care of ALL your Yahoo data entry requirements, and make sure to enter in each piece of information accurately for your product so that customers are clear about what they are purchasing.

  • We make sure we pay special attention to the “required” and “recommended” tabs in the feed specification.
  • We make sure to follow template specific rules (what exact fields are to be filled out, what exact information is required in a certain template, etc.).
  • Adding new products: We add new products to your web site, and make sure that all product information is entered in correctly.
  • Updating existing products: Updating existing product descriptions and ensuring they stay relevant.
  • Defining product attributes: We define product attributes such as color, shape, size, manufacturer, SKU number etc.
  • Studying and assigning categories/subcategories: We thoroughly study your products and categories, and research these to gather related specifications.
  • Adding/updating product prices: We add and update product prices, special discounts, etc., as and when they are applicable. We compare prices with your competitors, and make recommendations to ensure that you are aware of the competitive landscape.
Product Descriptions/Enhancing Product Description

We describe your products in vivid detail, and also make sure we make your product description search engine friendly, so that you not only impress your existing customers, but stay well on the path to getting new ones as well.

Product Image Editing

At CapStone, we know how hard it is to get customers to your store and KEEP them there. And, one of the major retention factors for any online store is the quality of the images assigned to each product. The better and classier your product “looks”, the more it sells – and we understand that. We ensure that your images meet all the Yahoo product image guidelines, and also re-touch, re-make, re-size, edit, crop and convert your pictures in order to ensure the best possible viewing experience for the online shopper – and more sales for YOU.

Inventory Management

Remaining abreast with the quantity of items in stock and turnaround times is of paramount importance for any business owner. We will set up and configure the “real-time” inventory feature that Yahoo provides in order to ensure that product information visible to users updates automatically as orders are submitted.

Order Processing Management

We ensure accurate and quick order processing, which is of paramount importance to any online store.

Yahoo URL Re-writing

We re-write your product URLs and create SEO compatible meta-tags to make them more search engine friendly.

Yahoo Store Maintenance/Management

We set up and manage your entire store from scratch – with no extra work required on your end!

Yahoo Product Upload/Listing

We can upload your products one by one to your store – or we can do a “Yahoo Store Bulk Product Upload”; either works for us!