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Eliminate the hassle of having to hire internal resources to support your email marketing initiatives. Hire a dedicated hybrid resources team including a prospect list builder/researcher, dedicated account manager, ESP platform expert, writer, email designer, email coder, and strategist in one team. All you have to do is choose whether you want full-time or part-time.


Multi-ESP Support

We have experts for your Email service provider

We support 49+ ESP vendors. Be it enterprise platforms, such as Salesforce or small-to-medium sized platforms like Klaviyo or MailChimp, we’ve got you covered.


Global Clients


Email Marketers



Team you can trust

We have 49+ email marketers and certified experts in 49+ ESPs. Our team is capable of building, deploying, and managing a vast array of email marketing campaigns at scale.

Frequently asked questions

→ How do I onboard an email marketing consultant?

The process is very simple. First, you share your requirements with us. Based on that, we shortlist the most suitable talent for you. Review the talent- if they don’t meet your expectations, we will share another match. Subsequently, you can onboard them.

→ Why should I hire dedicated email experts?

Email marketing is an ever-evolving channel. Dedicated offshore email experts possess deep technical knowledge, are updated with the latest developments in the domain, have ready access to the latest tools, and are incredibly cost-efficient.

→ What is unique about our dedicated email marketing specialists?

Our email champions are pre-vetted and well-versed in 49+ ESPs, are singularly focused on being cutting-edge in the industry, and can handle your day-to-day tasks with ease. You can onboard our certified talent either part-time or full-time; this gives you the flexibility of scaling up or down as per your requirements.

→ Can I onboard dedicated resources as per my time zone?

Yes, we assure of availability of talent in your time zone. We take pride in catering to a global demand.

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