Market Research & Survey Forms Processing Services

Market Research & Survey Forms Processing Services

At CapStoneBPO, we provide advanced and efficient Survey Forms Processing Services. Information on a handwritten, typed or printed form is of little use until it is converted into an easy-to-access electronic format and acted upon. CapStoneBPO provides Forms Processing Services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, assisting them draw out pertinent information from structured as well as unstructured forms, process the data and present it in the most suitable digital format.

Equipped with a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, proven methodology and human resource, we deliver unmatched quality with complete accuracy in all the projects. Whether your forms are in hardcopy or scanned format, our professionals can extract all the required and relevant information from them and organize it in an editable, digital format to make it easy for you to locate, access and retrieve the data, as and when the need arises.

At CapStoneBPO, we regularly process surveys, coupons, questionnaires and application forms. We can handle both structured (well formatted forms in tabular/column designs with boxes to fill in details, such as coupons, registration forms etc.) and non-structured versions (such as survey questionnaires or survey forms) of forms processing.

Our services are suitable for health care providers, banks and financial institutions, tour and travel agencies, insurance companies, government agencies, educational institutions, retailers, legal companies and other organizations.

CapStoneBPO offers the following services:

CapStoneBPO’s Form Processing Services: Our Methodology

Our experts work in close co-ordination with the clients to analyze their business’ specifications and customize the solutions in alignment with them. We can effortlessly handle forms data in bulk and provide you the information you can capitalize upon.

Our professionals use a simple single key process or a double key process to ensure high accuracy of data entry.

Process: Form Processing

Wide Spectrum of Forms Processing Services at CapStoneBPO

At CapStoneBPO, we deliver forms processing services for a rich array of applications/forms including invoices, examination forms, feedback forms, Immigration forms, health care check-up forms, coupons, credit card applications, shipping documents, medical claim forms, insurance claim forms, survey forms, mortgage claims, travel claims and a lot more.

We can deftly process voluminous transactions and have staff & resources to match your turnaround time requirements. We maintain complete data security and ensure that the privacy of your business-critical data is never at risk.

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