Product Data Entry Services

Product Data Entry Services

At CapStoneBPO, we provide advanced and efficient Product Data Entry Services. CapSontBPO provides a complete spectrum of product entry services, including Product Data Entry and Product Updating on eCommerce/Online Stores, Image Editing and Database Updation to eCommerce entrepreneurs across the globe.

As part of our product entry services, we add/update products and product related information like names or titles, brands/MFGs, SKUs, part numbers, product description, product price comparison, product features, discounts/offers and product images. Our Catalog Processing experts can accurately identify product categories and sub-categories and index catalogs in client’s preferred way to make online stores more user-friendly.

Our product data entry team will update your online store with new products on a daily basis. When new products are added the existing products are also closely watched with regard to the prices and offers available on other sites. This close monitoring of products helps to keep the store high ranking. Our team, building, maintaining, and updating catalogs on e-commerce/online stores is a continuous process that involves keeping perfect templates, adding new products, revising prices periodically, deleting old models, processing basic images by cleaning up if required, cropping images, adding a uniform background color, and border of the image.

Data entry specialists in our company assure you of high quality, high security, and accurate Services of Product Data Entry at cost effective prices.

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