Data Extraction and Web Scraping Services

Making an informed business decision requires extracting, harvesting and exploiting information from diverse sources. Data extraction or web scraping (also known as web harvesting) is the process of mining information from websites using software, substantiated with human intelligence. The content ‘scraped’ from web sources using algorithms is stored in a structured format, so that it can be manually analyzed later.

Case in Point: How do price comparison websites acquire their pricing data? It is mostly by ‘scraping’ the information from online retailer websites. offers data extraction / web scraping services for retrieving data for advanced data processing or archiving from a variety of online sources and medium. Nonetheless, data extraction is a time consuming process, and if not conducted meticulously, it can result in loads of errors. A leading web scraping company, can deliver required information within a short turnaround time, employing an extensive array of online sources.

Our Process Of Data Extraction/ Web Scraping
  • Capturing relevant data from the web, which is raw and unstructured
  • Reviewing and refining the obtained data sets
  • Formatting the data, consistent with the requirements of the client
  • Organizing website and email lists, and contact details in an excel sheet
  • Collating and summarizing the information, if required

Our professionals are adept at extracting data pertaining to your competition, their pricing strategy, gathering information about various product launches, their new and innovative features, etc., for enterprises, market research companies or price comparison websites through professional market research and subject matter blogs.

Our key Services in Web Scraping/ Database Extraction

We offer a comprehensive range of data extraction and scraping services right from Screen Scraping, Webpage / HTML Page Scraping, Semantic / Syntactic Scraping, Email Scraping to Database Extraction, PDF Data Extraction Services, etc.

  • Extracting meta data from websites, blogs, and forums, etc.
  • Data scraping from social media sites
  • Data quarrying for online news and media sites from different online news and PR sources
  • Data scraping from business directories and portals
  • Data scraping pertaining to legal / medical / academic research
  • Data scraping from real estate, hotels & restaurant, financial websites, etc.